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Power Systems

  • High and Low Voltage Distribution system design
  • Power system studies: Coordination, Short Circuit, Load Flow, Reliability, and Stability
  • Multi-voltage distribution substations and transmission lines
  • Hazardous locations


Auxiliary Power

  • Generator systems
  • Cogeneration and synchronization systems
  • UPS systems
  • Battery systems
  • Solar systems


Power Quality

  • Harmonics testing studies and Design
  • Interference testing and studies
  • Electromagnetic field testing studies and design
  • Lightning Protection design
  • Grounding testing studies and Design
  • Hospital systems design and testing


Controls and Instrumentation

  • SCADA systems
  • Tele and Radio Communications
  • Fiber Optic systems
  • PLC and DCS systems
  • Process control
  • Industrial automation
  • Water and Sewage systems
  • Commissioning, training and start-up


Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Electromagnetic radiation hazards
  • Architectural shielding for buildings rooms and equipment
  • Lightning protection for structures and equipment
  • Grounding and bonding



  • Electronic security systems
  • Video systems
  • Door access control


Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

  • Performance verification
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance programs and manuals
  • Record drawings
  • Factory acceptance testing



  • Facility audits
  • Life cycle costing
  • Due diligence auditing
  • Reserve fund and financial planning
  • Fire investigation
  • Failure analysis


Energy Management

  • Power factor correction
  • Lighting and Motor energy analysis
  • Energy surveys
  • Power testing and monitoring
  • Energy procurement and contract monitoring
  • Variable speed drive systems



  • Interior lighting design
  • Exterior lighting design
  • Industrial lighting design
  • Lighting control systems
  • Testing and studies


Fire Alarm

  • Fire alarm system design


Project Management

  • Design management
  • Construction management


Emergency planning

         Assessment and Testing

         Planning of emergency backup power systems

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